How could people survive not having any access to the internet? Such a complicated question is asked by many teenagers regularly. However, most of the elderly individuals don’t understand how people can be so obsessed with their smartphones and other mobile devices which are connected to the internet. Some of them even believe that such an addiction can lead to some serious problems with mental health.

However, there are much more human beings who disagree with such a point of view on this doubtful issue. These individuals believe that the internet doesn’t bring any harm, and this is quite a helpful platform for everyone. Some of them even prefer communicating online rather than talking in real life. It’s also quite common among young adults to start dating via special websites. However, such a relationship has lots of disadvantages. The most essential reasons why some individuals don’t recommend to begin dating via the internet are in this article.

Weird people

When a person decides to sign up in one of the thousands of online platforms developed specifically for dating online, he believes that all of the users of this website have the same purposes as he. However, this individual is completely wrong. In fact, there are still lots of users whose main goal on these online resources is to insult their interlocutors. These people don’t understand that their inappropriate behavior can be harmful to other users. That’s why if you don’t feel secure enough, you should never begin using such an online platform. Otherwise, this activity can make you even less confident than you used to be.


Most of the services developed for online dating offer their users full protection. That’s why most of the people who communicate via these online platforms are not afraid to post any personal information about themselves or send some private pictures to their interlocutors. However sometimes hackers can steal the data in order to start blackmailing the users or even some of his relatives. If you want to avoid such a situation, you need to be careful while choosing the content which you want to share with your online partner. However m this is not the only way you can protect yourself. In this case you need to create a difficult password. So, it will be much more complicated to hack your personal profile and to use your private content for some terrible purposes.