A striptease is the favorite prelude of every man. Everyone dreams of watching a sexy private dance at least once in a lifetime. The dance is characterized by slowly and smooth movements that are designed to show the beauty of a woman’s body. Quite frequently, women dance a striptease in video chats. Why?

  1. Earn money. The first reason is rather banal. Women want to gain some money, and they know that men often ask interlocutors to turn them on. Thus, they use their skills to benefit their pastime in a random video chat.
  2. Practice skills. Some women prefer practicing before performances to become less modest and gain self-confidence.
  3. A private date. If you have an online date with your boyfriend or husband, with whom you are separated by distance, you can dance a sexy dance to impress him and add new emotions to your online communication.

But there are some rules that one should meet to cope with the task successfully. Let’s consider how to make your striptease seductive and professional.

  • Do not try to look like a professional dancer

If dancing is not your occupation, do not try to look better than you are. There is no need to try to make complicated movements to impress your viewer. They may look ridiculous and create the opposite impression. Instead of seduction, you’ll look funny and awkward. It is better to use simpler movements that will definitely look sexy and will get your man excited.

  • Your movements should be smooth and slow

Do not hurry. A striptease is a slow dance during which a man should have enough time to observe your body and look at your seductive curves. Thus, do not try to move quickly. The smoother your movements are, the more impressive your dance is.

  • Move for a few minutes before you start to undress

Do not start to undress from the first seconds of your melody. You should dance for a minute or two. During this time, a man develops his fantasy and tries to predict what will go next. Thus, it is an important moment to get a viewer interested and intrigued.

  • Put off clothing items gradually one by one

Do not try to put off all the clothes at once.  As you remove one garment, dance a bit. Demonstrate a naked part of your body. And only then, go to the next one.

  • Dance a minute after you put off all clothes

Do not hurry to stop your dance in a cam chat as you’re naked. Continue dancing letting your viewer observe your body. You can ask him what you should do next. Men are keen on guiding the process.