Recon is your solution for fetish dating. You can use both mobile and desktop versions to start interacting. Nevertheless, with a premium subscription, your experience on Recon will be even more exciting.

For the first few years, Recon used to be a desktop platform for dating. Even though this fetish community is almost 20 years old, its website looks stylish. The primary colors of the platform are black and red. Therefore, you can feel a romantic atmosphere while having conversations with your interlocutors. What is more, the navigation of Recon is excellent. The essential categories of the platform can be found in the toolbox.

Extra features

Although there are lots of other fetish services, Recon is the most frequently used website in this section. The main reason for its popularity is the number of unique features. These functions include:

  • Cruise. If you are eager to demonstrate one of these handsome gays that you are into him and want to start interacting, you should use this feature. So, if this member is also fond of your profile, he will send you a message, and your romantic journey will start.
  • Events. Do you want to see other members of the community offline? Then this feature is just for you. The founders of Recon conduct different activities for the males using their services. During such a meeting, you will get closer to people who have the same preferences and interests as yours. What is more, these events are available for people from different countries. If you do not want to skip such an occasion, go to the calendar. Furthermore, to find out how such events are held, go to the albums.
  • Top 100. This section is for you if you are eager to see who the hottest guys on this platform are. To enjoy their content in future, you just need to add these wonderful users to your favorites.
  • Favorite photos. With Recon, you can add to your favorite lists not only the males whom you like but also their pictures. So, if you have found an image of the most appealing man, simply add it there. Therefore, you will never lose the best content of the site.

There are dozens of unique options on Recon. Yet, how can you use these features with a particular member of the service? The first thing you ought to do is to find the most suitable candidate to satisfy your desires. Even if you are a newcomer, you will spend less than ten minutes searching for the hottest male.