I’m a single man. I’m 32 years old. I’m quite intelligent and cheerful. I work hard and come back home late in the evening. Thus, I do not have time for dates and meeting girls. Usually, I go to a gym three times per week. When I stay home and have a lonely evening, I visit online random chats for dating. I chat with pretty girls who do not know how to kill time. Thus, both of us have fun, relax, and chat on different topics.

I do not have friends on cam chats, as it is not my purpose. I choose random chats and have new interlocutors each time. Once, I was randomly connected to a pretty young woman. We talked a bit. And then she suggested dancing a striptease.

Here is the remark: I had never tried this in my life by that time. She said that it was funny and exciting and suggested to try it once again. Thus, an inevitable wheel of fortune was launched. I couldn’t agree, as I knew what it would lead to. My interlocutor also knew that and asked me whether I had had virtual sex before.

I was embarrassed as I had had a lot of experience by that time, but virtual sex was something new for me. I answered “no”. She smiled and suggested to try. She was quite self-confident and said that she would control the process, and I would like it. She also added that I could do everything I want without embarrassment and told her what to do. Everything was strange to me, but she started her passionate dance.

When she started getting undressed, my excitement was huge. When she ended and was naked, she sat on her bed so that I could see her body. She asked me why I didn’t masturbate still. I couldn’t! She said that it was natural and asked me to try. So I put my dick out of my pants and started caressing myself. She also caressed herself. She helped me so that I didn’t feel ashamed. It was cool. When everything was over, I understood that it was the first time when I didn’t want to break up our conversation.

I asked her to leave her contacts or accounts on social networks. I wrote to her the next day. She told me that wanted to try our sex in reality. I was surprised by her persistence. I knew that although she was so self-confident, she had had only two partners. So she wasn’t a horny one. We met in a park, walk for several hours, our communication was so pleasant that I didn’t even think about upcoming sex. Then, we drunk a cup of tea in a café, and walk to my flat. That sex was awesome. I realized that that girl pleased me in all spheres of life. She was an intelligent interlocutor, a cheerful personality, and a passionate lustful lover. We stayed in touch for a few months, and then I proposed to her. Now, she’s my wife. And I have never regretted that I chose her.