When you chat with a random interlocutor in an online cam chat, a web camera covers a part of his/her room, and you can clearly see its interior. Although some readers may think that this is just the way certain things are placed and combined, nevertheless, it is proven that the interior reflects certain character features. Thus, it is worth paying attention to the background when you have a conversation in a random online chat.

  1. Creative people. For example, if an owner of the apartment has things scattered around, it is not necessarily mean that a sloven lives here. The presence of bright colors, unusual and exotic things indicates that the owner of the apartment is a creative person who can see only the beauty of the world. Such people usually do not bother about life and just do not notice scattered around things.
  2. Braggarts. If everything in a room practically screams about the merits of its owner, it is most likely that you chat with an egocentric braggart or an ambitious person. Typically, these are;

medals and cups, which stand on the most prominent places,

letters and diplomas, which hang on the walls,

a lot of photos from holidays,

expensive equipment,

pathos furniture.

But do not confuse such interlocutors with people who have a high income. Being rich and trying to make the impression of being rich are two different things. A braggart will be happy to tell you about himself, his achievements, describing in detail the circumstances under which it was received.

  • Balanced, family and coziness-oriented people prefer the interior design in muted and pastel colors. Such people do not choose such furniture as a red chair or a leopard sofa. Calm people prefer minimalism in the interior, choose simple, but high-quality and functional things that will serve for many years. If you chat with such an interlocutor in a cam chat, you won’t notice a lot of items hanging on the walls.
  • A person with rational and logical thinking prefers to maintain an absolute order in the house. Thus, the owner fully controls the situation in the room. The interior is often decorated in the Scandinavian, ascetical, or minimalistic style. The bed is always made up, clothes are put in a wardrobe, and dishes are always washed. Rational people prefer monochromic colors. The predominant color may be black, gray or white.

As you see, you can make a general psychological portrait of your interlocutor in a video chat by observing his/her room interior.