Long-distance relationships aren’t easy. Almost half of these relationships end in a breakup, but those who still manage to keep them will tell you it’s hard work. So it’s better to stay out of it if you know you can’t handle it. And how do you know that? Well, there are a few signs. 

None of them mean you’re a bad person or anything, on the contrary, they’re perfectly normal. It just means that long-distance relationships aren’t exactly your story.

You’re jealous

Your boyfriend will start building a new life, and you won’t be around. And it’s hard: you won’t personally know his friends, the people he studies with or works with. Jealous in this situation – normal, but to maintain a relationship in which jealousy will be your daily companion is difficult. So if you understand that you can not be calm, maybe it is better not to start?

You don’t like to communicate online

Or to call. In this relationship, you know, almost all communication is on the Internet. And if you periodically fall out of social networks or simply ignore the phone for a long time because you prefer to communicate live, then you are unlikely to be able to maintain love in the distance.

You want to be in touch all the time

It’s the other way around. You like to correspond, even very much. The phone is always in your hands and you answer without delay, moreover, you are far away from each other, you need to know what is happening to it. Except you forget that your boyfriend now has a different life, in which he also needs to participate.

You have just started dating

The basis for the success of a relationship from a distance is the existence of some foundation. It doesn’t mean that you should have been dating for five years before, but if you’ve only known each other a month, it’s likely to be very difficult. Feeling connected with someone who’s thousands of miles away is hard enough, and if you barely know them, it’s impossible. 

You don’t want anything serious

It seems quite obvious, but still: a relationship at a distance is more for those who plan to be together for a long time. It’s okay if you don’t want that kind of commitment, but then that’s just not gonna work for you. 

You don’t have any money

It’s sad, but you still have to think practically: you need money for a relationship from a distance. You want to see each other sometimes, don’t you? It’s impossible to meet without it at all. So if you understand that you can’t buy tickets, think about whether it’s worth starting all this at all.