The man who cheated on you will find a million reasons why he did it. To believe or not to believe, to forgive or not to forgive is up to you. We’re just gonna show you what the prerequisites are before you cheat.

But all we’ve painted is not an attempt to justify a partner: rather, a way to understand the reasons without condemnation, so that it doesn’t happen again.

1. He doesn’t love you anymore

For some, treason can be a great excuse to sabotage a relationship: betrayal takes less courage than frank talk. He may have wanted to break up a long time ago, but is afraid to tell the truth, avoids conflict, as if shifting this responsibility to you.

2. He feels abandoned

Sometimes in a relationship with the wrong person, we feel more alone than alone with ourselves. When we try to find support and acceptance, we turn to the other person without seeing it as treason. Big deal, we’ve talked all night, we’ve hugged – for the second person, it really doesn’t seem like cheating, but trying to find a safe space.

3. He’s taking revenge

When a person begins to suspect a partner of treason, there is an immediate temptation to respond the same in order to restore the affected ego. Then he’ll know who he’s lost! And some, especially violent individuals see treason as a punishment for “misconduct”. Of all the reasons for this – the lowest: here you should not even think about continuing the relationship.

4. He’s missing something in his current relationship

We grow up, and the magic tale of the other half gradually collapses in our consciousness. However, some continue to believe in the ideal and look for it in other people, trying to “compensate” what is not in the current partner. From here I will take appearance, from there character, from the third place sex … But there are no ideal people, we must love the real ones.

5. He has low self-esteem

The logical chain is as follows: because of his low self-esteem, he does not feel confident in general and in his relationship with you in particular. The more he doubts himself and that someone can love him, the more he doubts your relationship. And if there are doubts in this relationship, you should look for support and a better couple on the side, right?

6. He has a problem with commitment

For example, if he does not really know what he wants from life, or if he perceives the relationship as a “trap” in which he was caught. Once he realizes that you are dating seriously, he panics and uses the first, the easiest way to get off the ship.