The ability to understand the feelings of another person (psychologists call it empathy) is inherent in a woman from nature. The main hindrance is fear. Fear that we are wrong, fear of losing a person. In such cases, I give a few recommendations.


The more flexible and perfect our body is, the better it receives signals from men and the world at large. If we are constricted, the signal of another’s feelings will not pass through the wall of our body-psychological protection.

Look a man in the eye

They say, “a woman loves her ears.” Don’t get caught on that hook. When a man talks, watch his eyes.  There are so-called “eye keys,” when you can guess where the words are not from the soul or the man composes.  Specialists in neurolinguistic programming claim that the pickup truck is looking from right up to left down. On the move he invents, as if what was said sounds true, and then chooses beautiful phrases.

Read the gestures

To attract your attention in a noisy company, a man in the arsenal has only two means. Either he will be louder than the others, or he will seem mysteriously detached.  Turns a button on his shirt, crunching his fingers, making nervous, intrusive movements – so he’s worried.  Rubbing his hands, shaking off dust from his jacket, fingering over small objects – obvious signs of lying.

Listen to yourself

Suddenly he locked himself in his throat, his heart was compressed, he was suddenly bored – what feelings arise in response to his words? Sometimes the barely visible signals of his own body will be truer than any fortune teller! You cannot ignore such obvious clues of your own self, trying to warn you about the true intentions of the speaker.

Pay attention to specific actions

Men are usually more straightforward than women. If a man suddenly disappears for a few days, does not respond to messages, turns off the phone – it is time for you to seriously think about your own behavior. Maybe you’re playing the hunter. And by the way, the role of a caring mommy and the part of the woman you love are written for different performers. Men appreciate the understatement – let your partner have a little doubt in your endless and all ready love!

With these straightforward tips, you will always understand your beloved partner or a man who looks attractive and who will be able to become a person who will spend the entire life with you.