Those people who are under 25 cannot even imagine how human beings used to survive without having mobile phones and computers. It’s hard to disagree that the internet plays a significant role in our dwelling. One of the most important reasons why innovative technologies have become such an essential aspect of people’s living is that they make our subsistence as not as complicated as it used to be even a dozen years ago. For example, these days people would rather open a map on their smart phone in order to find how they can get to the particular place than ask a stranger on the street to help them. Moreover, it’s much easier to search for the information via the internet than to spend a lot of hours in the library.

However, there are still thousands of people who haven’t started using mobile phones yet because they have no doubt that one day modern devices will destroy the entire world. Furthermore, some psychologists agree with such a statement due to the fact that the statistics demonstrates that those people who have an obsession with their smart phones are more likely to start suffering from mental illnesses such as an anxiety and depression that those humans who would rather spend their free time with their relatives or friends. Fortunately, several years ago software engineers decided to solve that significant problem. That’s how they developed services which are aimed to help people communicate with each other. The only additional item a person needs to purchase is a web camera. Even though this is an interaction via the internet, you should follow some rules of etiquette. Here are some reasons why you ought to do that.

Different cultures

The most significant reason why you should never forget to follow rules of etiquette when you are having a conversation with a stranger on a video chat is that there are users who live all around the world. That’s why all of these people have different traditions, and some actions which are typical for your country can be insulting for them.


You have to memorize that there are not only confident people on a video chat. That’s why some users can get insecure when they hear some phrases which can insult them. That’s why you should think beforehand even if you want to tell your interlocutor some compliments about his personality or appearance. Furthermore, you ought to never say anything rude to any user.