Be2 is a matchmaking site for matchmakers that aims to ensure that all men there find lawful matches in love. The website was launched in 2008 and if reviews are something to do, it is not disappointing.

Be2 uses sophisticated scientific algorithms that use all of the user’s anthropological, psychological and sociological data to offer its users compatible partners. You start with a test, after which you will get an analysis of your personality, as well as a detailed description of the partner you are looking for. The website is currently available in countries 39 and below is a detailed overview.

How do you register?

The registration process is not only free, but also relatively simple. The most difficult [but certainly necessary] part is the personality test, which is designed to provide the website with your information, which can then be used to help you find a compatible match.

After the test, you will need to provide a profile photo to make you more accessible. You will also be asked questions about your goals, attitudes and lifestyle, and you should always answer them as honestly as possible, as they will be used during the matchmaking process.

How to get in touch

First of all, you should check your compatibility with a potential partner before contacting them. The number in the bottom right corner of your match profile photo will mean it. By clicking on the number, you will redirect it to your profile and now you can take it from there.

It is common practice to always insist on those with higher compatibility potential before following their profiles.

Profile quality

In order for you to easily find your potential matches, the site will need as much of your personal data as possible. Such details will be used to raise your profile and analyze your compatibility with other participants.

In order for Be2’s algorithms to simplify this complex analysis, it is important to answer all questions during the registration process, even those that are not necessarily marked as mandatory. In this way, the matching algorithms will use your personal account to match all current potential website partners.

Keep in touch with the Be2 application

You can track all your activities with the Be2 app. You can purchase the app online at sites such as Google Play and iTunes. The app is a standard membership which you probably already know blocks you from many tools and features.