These days more and more people start talking to each other via their personal profiles on the social media platforms. Most of the users have no doubt that it is much easier to have a texting conversation because it doesn’t take as much time as a communication in real life. Furthermore, a person can use some emojis in order to show his interlocutor the way he feels about the particular situation. However, there is one problem which appears when we talk about chatting via messages, and this is that fact that it’s much easier to lie to another human being while texting him. The most significant reason for this is that your interlocutor doesn’t hear your voice and doesn’t see your face which can demonstrate your real emotions. However,there are some tips which will help you solve such a problem if you think that your interlocutor is lying to you in his messages.


The first thing you should look at if you want to understand if your interlocutor doesn’t write you the truth is how much time it takes to answer your questions. Recently some of the scientists have conducted a research and found out that those people who lie respond 10 percent slower than those individuals who are telling you the truth. You can notice this if your conversation used to be a rapid back-and-forth communication, but one minute your interlocutor starts responding you as not as quickly as he used to earlier.


One more aspect which will demonstrate you that your interlocutor is lying to you is that after one of your messages he decides to change the subject of your conversation. However, sometimes people do such a thing if they don’t feel confident enough to start talking about the particular topics.


It’s also quite common among those users who want to lie about something during the conversation is that they leave you immediately after answering your question. These people act in such a way in order to avoid some other requests because they are sure that their interlocutor will start demanding for some explanations.

Is his answer vague?

One more thing a user can do if he has to lie about something while have a conversation with messages is to give a vague response. Such a question does not explain anything and can include some phrases like “It seems…” or “I am not sure”. However, sometimes these phrases really mean that your interlocutor isn’t aware of some things.