These days there is only a little number of people who have no doubt that the internet will be able to destroy the entire mankind one day. Today even the elderly generation has realized that innovative gadgets including not only personal computers or laptops but also some mobile devices can be quite helpful for routine life. The internet can help solve millions of routine problems such as shopping or even become a platform for work.

However, the internet can be quite beneficial even for those individuals who have understood that they don’t have enough communication with other human beings in their everyday subsistence. For these users chatting online platforms will become the best option. The most popular programs in this sphere are video chats. They are used by thousands of people daily due to the fact that they have easy interface, and the only additional device a person needs to use in order to begin talking with strangers is a web camera. Here is a list of the most well-known video chats.


Chatroulette is one of the oldest platforms for chatting via a web camera. Even though its design isn’t not as beautiful, it’s still quite popular. The most essential reason for this is that a user doesn’t even have to create his personal profile in order to begin a conversation with people who live in different parts of the globe.

Chat for Free

This service is not a recent development either. Users can be just guests or sign up. There are several dozens chatting rooms. You can choose one of them basing on your personal preferences. However, it’s also possible to create you own private room for communication.


This online platform is not so famous, however, it’s still a great choice for those individuals who want to meet their true destiny or to simply talk to a stranger who lives in another part of the planet. One of the main features of this website which makes it unique is that it is possible to choose some video effects during the conversation. ooVoo also has its own application which you can download on your computer or smartphone.


This is also a free website which is aimed to help people find an interlocutor online. If you want to begin using this service, the only thing you should do is to create a profile. In this case you everybody is allowed to use your account on different social media services including AOL, GTalk or Yahoo.