The word “abuse” has become almost the most popular psychological term. Nevertheless, it is not so easy to recognize this phenomenon in practice. The article provides a clear explanation of what the word “violence” actually means, how it differs morally from the physical one, what ambiguous actions of a partner depend on, and what a girl should do to avoid pressure in her own direction.

Why do many girls tolerate violence? The point is that many girls have problems with self-esteem, self-esteem, inner love for themselves, confidence, self-esteem and importance in this world. As a rule, this is a trauma from childhood. Usually, almost all of us keep resentment against our parents from possible strict upbringing, unfair treatment in some moments, so there are internal subconscious programs that force a girl to receive love at any cost, even dangerous. Violence for someone is actually a form of earning love and recognition. They tolerate humiliation simply because they do not appreciate themselves and they have the program “I have to earn love”. It is associated with insecurity, distorted self-perception, dependency on the opinion of others and the dependency of one’s self-esteem again. What is Abuse? Abuse is violence, both physical and emotional. But if the physical one is more or less clear, if only because it is impossible not to notice it, then the emotional one still seems to be a mystery. Often the line between emotional violence and acceptable behavioral norms, for example, in a scandal or dispute, is so thin that the victim may not even notice it immediately and believe that such actions are justified by a bad mood or fair reaction.

To be able to resist emotional pressure, we must first of all strive for truth: “I love and appreciate myself, unconditionally and no matter what. I am for myself a value, I am for myself a significance. This is a formula that needs to be worked out, because many people believe that value comes from pride or self-affirmation, but this is a delusion, because when we value ourselves, we accept our shortcomings and pluses, give ourselves the right to make a mistake, calmly accept the shortcomings. There is no self-criticism, self-loathing, race, proof, self-assertion. I am for myself a support, support, I do not need to draw it from the outside, and in relations with any person I become even happier, but I am also happy by myself.