Not all men understand how important it is for a woman to hear “I love you,” but women also need to understand that the masculine psyche is completely different, which means it’s not worth waiting for your partner to act the way you think or tell your friends. We will tell you why it is so difficult for the strong sex to confess their feelings.

Men hide sentimentality

Of course, there are men who are willing to sleep their beloved with compliments and talk about their love all day long, but such units. Most prefer to choose the moment when the confession will sound serious, according to the man. In addition, do not forget that a man often has to hint that you would like to spend time alone with him or go out with him, sometimes you have to take the initiative into your own hands.

He has other ways to show his feelings

If your partner is not one of the passionate people we talked about earlier, take a closer look, most men prefer to prove their feelings by deeds. Perhaps he is interested in how your day went? Or is he always ready to come to help, even if he has a lot to do? Of course, you want to hear from your loved one that he really feels for you, but you do not need to drink, if you understand that it is easier for a man to cook you dinner than to speak beautifully.

He feels fear

For many men, a declaration of love is the starting point for a life together. If you’re in a relationship for a short time, try just to wait, you’re probably at a stage where you need to look at each other and then make loud statements. Reserve your patience.

What if his feelings are not mutual?

Yes, some men are afraid to hear an unpleasant answer. No matter how strong and confident your chosen one may seem, he feels excitement in his soul – do you feel the same feelings for him as he does for you? After all, there is nothing worse than a wounded ego, which ultimately affects your self-esteem.

He is afraid to make a mistake

Guys can’t tell everyone about love. No, of course, there is this category of men who tell everyone about feelings. But usually they are called womanizers. A man who really wants a serious relationship will be hidden. They take the words “I love you” as a guarantee of a long and happy relationship that will lead to marriage.

How to understand whether he loves or not, if he himself is silent? By actions and only by them. Does he take care of you? Does he live with you? Does he give you gifts? If so, then stop worrying! He loves you.