Online video chats are perfect platforms for dating. The majority of users visit random chats to find a pleasant interlocutor and make new acquaintances. Cam chats are usually international resources. Thus, there, you can find a user from any part of the world. Due to such online chats, it becomes possible to date a foreigner. In this article, let’s consider what obligatory questions you should ask your random interlocutor in a cam chat for dating.

  1. What are you searching for here? / Why are you here? (It can be communication, psychological support, a soul mate, a beloved, etc.)
  2. What impression do you have after dating random interlocutors here and chatting with them?
  3. How long have you chatted on this platform?
  4. How many interlocutors have you already had here? Have you found interesting ones?
  5. Where are you from? (city or country if you didn’t use a location filter.)
  6. Are you fond of traveling? How many countries have you been to? Which ones did you like the most?
  7. Have you ever visited my native country?
  8. What is your knowledge about my country?
  9. What is your occupation? Do you work or study?
  10. What is your profession? What responsibilities should you do during your working day?
  11. Are you satisfied with your current occupation (profession)? Do you have the work you have dreamt of?
  12. How do you spend weekends? What is your favorite pastime?
  13. Where do you usually go on vacation? What is your favorite season?
  14. What are your hobbies? Do you have talents?
  15. Do you have a family? Do you have children? How many?
  16. Does your wife work or is she a housewife? (if an interlocutor is married)
  17. How do you imagine your family life? (if you have a conversation with a bachelor)
  18. How many serious relations have you had?
  19. Do you have a wish list you want to fulfill before the death?
  20. What do your friends and relatives think about dating on random online platforms?
  21. What are your cherished dreams? Is it a secret or an achievable goal?
  22. What do you think about the surrounding world? Are you satisfied with it? Are you a sociable person?
  23. What character traits do you like/dislike the most? What are the dominant traits?
  24. Are you a sociable person? Do you easily meet new people?
  25. What are your plans for tomorrow?

These general questions will help you start a conversation on a random online chat before you’ll find common topics and decide what to discuss. Moreover, they will help create a clear understanding of who your interlocutor is, what his/her interests are, and find points of contact.