Love does not require sacrifice: What to do if you run into an abuser

The word “abuse” has become almost the most popular psychological term. Nevertheless, it is not so easy to recognize this phenomenon in practice. The article provides a clear explanation of what the word “violence” actually means, how it differs morally from the physical one, what ambiguous actions of a partner depend on, and what a girl should do to avoid pressure in her own direction. Why do many girls tolerate violence? The point is that many girls have problems with self-esteem, self-esteem, inner love for themselves, … “Love does not require sacrifice: What to do if you run into an abuser”

Why doesn’t your partner tell you about his feelings?

Not all men understand how important it is for a woman to hear “I love you,” but women also need to understand that the masculine psyche is completely different, which means it’s not worth waiting for your partner to act the way you think or tell your friends. We will tell you why it is so difficult for the strong sex to confess their feelings. Men hide sentimentality Of course, there are men who are willing to sleep their beloved with compliments and talk about … “Why doesn’t your partner tell you about his feelings?”

Be2 review

Be2 is a matchmaking site for matchmakers that aims to ensure that all men there find lawful matches in love. The website was launched in 2008 and if reviews are something to do, it is not disappointing. Be2 uses sophisticated scientific algorithms that use all of the user’s anthropological, psychological and sociological data to offer its users compatible partners. You start with a test, after which you will get an analysis of your personality, as well as a detailed description of the partner you are … “Be2 review”

C-Date review

One of the casual dating sites that tend to have a virtual web interface is C-Date. The site is designed so that users can easily navigate, but only paid members have full access to the services. Once you register and stay on the site, you will have an opportunity to meet various sexual partners placed on the site. Membership Free membership offers a limited opportunity. Paid members have access to an unlimited number of potential grooms. The site has a highly optimized algorithm that allows … “C-Date review”

How do you feel your partner and read his secret signs?

The ability to understand the feelings of another person (psychologists call it empathy) is inherent in a woman from nature. The main hindrance is fear. Fear that we are wrong, fear of losing a person. In such cases, I give a few recommendations. Relax The more flexible and perfect our body is, the better it receives signals from men and the world at large. If we are constricted, the signal of another’s feelings will not pass through the wall of our body-psychological protection. Look a … “How do you feel your partner and read his secret signs?”

How does a relationship with a father affect your relationship with a man

What should be the relationship between a man and a woman, we learn as a child watching his parents.  But this is not the only thing that shapes our further happy (or not) future. A father-daughter relationship is the foundation upon which her vision of herself and her role as a man in her life is built.  The daddy is the first man It is he who shapes her vision of herself and her femininity. We are all social beings and only recognize ourselves in … “How does a relationship with a father affect your relationship with a man”

Why you are cheated

The man who cheated on you will find a million reasons why he did it. To believe or not to believe, to forgive or not to forgive is up to you. We’re just gonna show you what the prerequisites are before you cheat. But all we’ve painted is not an attempt to justify a partner: rather, a way to understand the reasons without condemnation, so that it doesn’t happen again. 1. He doesn’t love you anymore For some, treason can be a great excuse to … “Why you are cheated”

How to understand

Long-distance relationships aren’t easy. Almost half of these relationships end in a breakup, but those who still manage to keep them will tell you it’s hard work. So it’s better to stay out of it if you know you can’t handle it. And how do you know that? Well, there are a few signs.  None of them mean you’re a bad person or anything, on the contrary, they’re perfectly normal. It just means that long-distance relationships aren’t exactly your story. You’re jealous Your boyfriend will start … “How to understand”